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Photo of Coral James

Coral James

Vice Principal / Learning Support Teacher

Photo of Ken Pon

Ken Pon

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Bonnie Perini

Bonnie Perini

Learning Commons Coordinator

Photo of Deanna Petherbridge

Deanna Petherbridge


Photo of Lori Jo Barnes

Lori Jo Barnes

Grade 2

Photo of Kendra Berg

Kendra Berg


Photo of Melissa Duckett

Melissa Duckett

Grade 3

Photo of Jocelle Gerow

Jocelle Gerow

Grade 4/5

Photo of Rhonda Harding

Rhonda Harding

Grade 5

Photo of Jennifer Holowiski

Jennifer Holowiski

Grade 3

Photo of Larissa Oakes

Larissa Oakes

Grade 1

Photo of Stephanie Rollingson

Stephanie Rollingson

Grade 2

Photo of Amy Shim

Amy Shim

Grade 4

Photo of Heather Wolfe

Heather Wolfe

Grade 1

Support Staff

placeholder image for Lesley Bougie

Lesley Bougie

Photo of Jovie Downey

Jovie Downey

Photo of Barb Haynes

Barb Haynes

Photo of Alysa Morancy

Alysa Morancy

Photo of Donna Nevil

Donna Nevil

Photo of Margaret Sawatzky

Margaret Sawatzky


Photo of Jenn Hengeveld

Jenn Hengeveld

Phone: Office: 403-223-2170, 403-223-0179

Family Connections Wellness Coach

Photo of Jordan Cahoon

Jordan Cahoon

Early Learning

Photo of Trina Baier

Trina Baier

Photo of Naomi Klassen

Naomi Klassen

Photo of Victoria Krahn

Victoria Krahn

Photo of Anna Unger

Anna Unger